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Trailer Hire FAQs

Can I take the trailer on a beach or dirt roads?

No, our trailers are not designed to be towed on any kind of unsealed areas, dirt roads or on the beach as sand, salt water and dust can potentially damage the trailers paint, bearings & brakes.

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What if I get a flat tyre?

All of our hire trailers come with spare tyres but do not come with wheel braces or jacks. Please ensure you carry a wheel brace that will fit the trailers wheel nuts as well as a jack suitable for jacking up a trailer.

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How much overhang is allowed from the trailer?

For information regarding legal trailer load overhang, Google Trailer Load Projection Rules & Regulations.

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How do I convert feet to meters?

There are approximately 3.3 feet in 1 metre.

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Do the trailers have flat or round plugs?

All trailers come standard with 7 pin round trailer plugs. We have a large range of adapters to suit your needs free of charge.

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Do I need to use a rope if I have a cage?

Yes, it is law to secure loads even if you are using a trailer cage.

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How much weight can I put into the trailer?

Every trailer has a different capacity and rating. For specific details on a trailer, please visit our trailer info pages.

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Do the trailers have brakes?

We stock a large range of braked and un-braked trailers.

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How do I know how much my car can tow?

Smaller cars can generally tow less weight. Check your towbars rating or your cars instruction manual for vehicle specifications.

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Where can I get a tow bar fitted to my car?

North Adelaide – Halls Towbars http://www.halltowbars.com.au/
South Adelaide – Allin Towbars http://www.allintowbars.com.au/

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Do car trailers include tie downs?

No, hirer’s are required to provide their own rated tie downs.

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Are d shackles supplied with the hire?

Yes, all hire trailers come with rated d shackles.

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What size tow ball do I require?

50mm tow balls are standard for all hire trailers in South Australia.

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Can I return the trailer to a different location?

No, all trailers must be returned to the same location.

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What are the opening hours?

Our current opening hours can be found in the footer section at the bottom of this page.

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Can I have the trailer delivered?

No, currently we do not offer a delivery service.

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Where do I collect the trailer from?

142 Morphett Road GLENGOWRIE SA 5044 (Next door to the Morphett Arms Hotel)

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Can I hire a trailer if I have never towed a trailer before?

Some prior knowledge will be required to ensure you fully understand all aspects of trailer safety. It is recommended that if in doubt, do not use a trailer.

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Do you need a special license to hire a trailer?

No special licenses are required to hire any trailers from Adelaide Trailer Hire.

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Can a learner driver hire a trailer?

No, learners are not permitted to hire from Adelaide Trailer Hire.

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Can I hire a trailer on my P plates?
What is the minimum age to hire a trailer?
What ID do I require to hire a trailer?
Can I hire with an interstate or international drivers license?
Can I take a trailer outside of the Adelaide metro area?


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Can I return a trailer outside of business hours?


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