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BBQ trailer

A camping weekend…just the phrase conjures up images of lazy days, hot asphalt, card games, toasty fires…and the sheer misery of packing and unpacking!

Well we’re here to help with that. Imagine not having to empty your car before you even start putting in your gear. The tent, the fold up chairs, the blow up mattresses…Imagine not having to shuffle 15 things around in the car every time you want to drive into town for an ice cream and need to make space for the kids in the backseat. What is this magic we are talking about? Why it’s camping with a trailer.


Hiring a trailer is a really easy way to take a trailer with you – you pick it up clean, you camp, you hose it out, you return it, what a dream!

Camping with a trailer can free you up to take things with you that you might otherwise have to leave at home. This includes the dogs, the bikes, the extra camping accessories you’ve been coveting from BCF. It really can be a game changer when, for instance, you can fit in everything you need and still have space for a couple of “wants”.

Tips and tricks

We bet you’re asking, if Adelaide Trailer Hire has come up with this amazing, fantastic trailer tip, what other genius camping hacks do they know?!?! Well friends, wonder no more, here are our top five camping hacks besides camping with a trailer or BBQ trailer:


• pre-crack your eggs and store them in a water bottle ready to be poured. Sure, you lose having a definitely white and yellow part of your fried egg, but you also don’t end up with cracked eggs in your esky and there is no need to bring a whisk if you want to make French toast or pancakes.


• don’t forget to take an extra towel for your dogs. Your dogs are likely to be running around and may need a hose off and it wouldn’t be a real holiday if they didn’t get wet and muddy at least a few times. Take it from someone who had to share their towel with the dog one camping trip…you want that extra towel!


• take a bin, it’s a really useful addition to a camping kit. That is to say, it carries dry food, can be used to wash up in and, of course, makes a handy bin! We have been surprised over and over at the various uses the bin has been given whilst camping.


• invest in a pot that is the perfect size to cook, for instance, a stew. Something that makes just enough for one meal. This is great because you certainly don’t want to be storing left overs. We also use our pot to boil water for tea and coffee and, at a pinch, the kids can make sand castles with it at the beach.


• make sure your camping cups have handles. This can help make, for instance, drinking hot drinks from them much easier. In addition, it means you don’t have to bring separate mugs.

If you’re planning a camping trip, whether local or interstate, give us a call and we can discuss your needs – BBQ trailer and otherwise.

Happy camping all.