Interstate Trailer Hire


All interstate trailer hires must be returned to Adelaide.



Adelaide Trailer Hire offers a wide range of rental trailers for local and interstate trailer hire.

Our range of trailers for interstate hire includes box trailers, caged trailers, car trailers, enclosed furniture trailers, motorbike trailers, flatbed trailers, tipper trailers, single axle trailers, tandem axle trailers, braked trailers and more.

Safety is our passion…
When it comes to interstate trailer hire, getting you back home safely is our priority. Our trailers are always well presented and maintained regularly to ensure they are fit for purpose.




Competitive Prices, Well Maintained Trailers!

Our quality hire trailers are all well maintained and come standard with spare tyres and jockey wheels.


Safety is our passion…

When it comes to interstate trailer hire, getting you back home safely is our priority. Our trailers are always well presented and maintained regularly to ensure they are fit for purpose.


Interstate Trailer Hire Bookings

Our online booking system makes booking a trailer for interstate use a breeze. Simply follow the links to book your preferred trailer and we will have it all ready for you on the day.



Common Interstate Trailer Hire Destinations Across Australia:
Adelaide to Port Lincoln, South Australia (SA), Adelaide to Mt Gambier, South Australia (SA), Adelaide to Port Augusta, South Australia (SA), Adelaide to Whyalla, South Australia (SA), Adelaide to Alice Springs, Northern Territory (NT), Adelaide to Darwin, Northern Territory (NT), Adelaide to Melbourne, Victoria (VIC), Adelaide to Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Adelaide to Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Adelaide to Brisbane, Queensland, Adelaide to Perth, Western Australia (WA), Adelaide to Hobart, Tasmania (TAS)



Interstate towing can inspire some pretty extreme feelings – the fun of towing your camping gear off for a well-earned holiday…the fear of towing something necessary but without much towing experience…the, dare we say, joy, of towing your 28 year old son’s belongings to his new apartment in Sydney after he’s been mooching off you for far too many years…(joking, we’re just joking!).

The point is, interstate towing can be needed for a variety of reasons, but all of them require you to be aware of some basic principles.

First and foremost: safety. This includes meeting the legal requirements of interstate towing (things like maximum load limits) and knowing the towing capacity of your vehicle, including that your brakes can cope with the extra weight. It can also be handy to write the height of your load on a sticky note and place it on your dash board. You never know what you may come across when towing interstate. Here at Adelaide Trailer Centre we pride ourselves on being safety experts so feel free to drop in for a chat before you head off so we can run through some basics with you.

Second: know your own limits. Interstate driving can be tedious at the best of times, and when you add towing into the mix you can’t afford to lose focus whilst driving. Plan lots of stops, including overnight stops, and remember the basics like not drinking or speeding. Here in Australia we’re blessed with some great hotels, motels and camping spots. Why not check some of them out and help keep regional and rural towns alive.

Third: load securing. Do some research on securing your load and then factor in the higher speeds at which you will be travelling. Check and check again before heading off, both from home and then at each stop along the way. Don’t forget, things can come loose.

Fourth: practice. Drive your trailer and load around a few local streets before you head off, try out the brake time, check your turning circle, remember to back off from the vehicle in front, get your head into the right ‘space’ before you hit the open roads. Don’t forget to grab your coffee as you leave so that you are relaxed and cruising out of town rather than rushed and less likely to pay attention to the extra responsibilities that come with towing.

Fifth and finally: your car. It’s not just about what you’re towing, but also what you are towing with. Has your car been serviced? Are the tyres up to scratch? A full safety check of your car is always a good idea before you undertake any interstate towing. Checking your car over can also save you money. Towing anything will increase your fuel consumption, so you want your car operating as efficiently as possible so that you don’t have to pay extra at the petrol station.

Interstate towing isn’t something that should be taken lightly. You have not only your own, but all the other road user’s lives in your hands, so be careful, go slow, and don’t forget to enjoy your time on the road.