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Australia Day Trailer Hire Blog

Australia Day. There’s nothing more, we’ll, Aussie. We know there’s controversy and we respect that, but today we’re going to put that to one side to think about what all you great blog readers are doing with your most hallowed long weekend. 

We can’t think of too many Aussie day long weekends that can’t be enhanced with a trailer. Here’s our pick of the bunch…


Is there anything that says long weekend more than a camping trip? From firing up the BBQ for your snags to lazy afternoons on the beach with a ball and towel, a long weekend just screams get away.

Taking your trailer with you will make packing and unpacking a lot easier than using just the back of the car. Plus it means you can unhook your trailer at your campsite to take the car off for small drives in the local area. Some people take camping with their trailer to the next level…check out this BBQ trailer made by Brooks Custom made Trailers in Victoria.




Everyone loves a game of cricket in the backyard. From the negotiation of the rules (one hand one bounce or not?) to the consequences for the one friend who always knocks your beer over, cricket and long weekends are made for each other.

How is the trailer involved here you ask? Well look, we might be drawing a long bow here, but don’t leave your trailer out of the fun, use it as stumps, create rules about what happens if the trailer gets hit, turn it into a grandstand for the spectators to sit in, the possibilities are endless.

Hottest 100

JJJ’s Hottest 100, need we say more. It’s just not Australia Day without it. From the voting in the lead up to the anticipation of what track will be number one.

Your trailer is the perfect perch for your radio if you’re going for an easy Hottest 100 solution, otherwise, deck your trailer out as a full on party trailer to really enjoy all that JJJ brings to Australia Day.

Tip run

Ahhh the tip run. It may not scream “celebration”…but it may stop screams from your wife (joking, joking, wives are good people and probably have a good point when they say that the shed door literally can’t open anymore and a tip run is on the cards).

Don’t forget to be safe if you’re going to use your trailer for a tip run though. We have plenty of info on our website about safe towing including weight limits, tying down loads and so forth.

Lazing in the pool

Everyone knows someone with a pool who, despite never actually organising anything, ends up hosting Australia Day thanks to their sweet backyard set up.

This year, you can say no thanks to that and set up your own backyard pool…in your trailer! Would this work? We don’t know. Should this work? Absolutely! We’d love to hear from anyone who’s ever actually tried this – and send pics!!!

Happy Australia Day people!








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