World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge

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World Solar Challenge Blog

At Adelaide Trailer Hire we work with some pretty impressive people, and one of our favourite times of the year is when we get to help the participants in the World Solar Challenge. The World Solar Challenge has been running for over 30 years and is all about pushing the limits of technology and traveling the outback in a vehicle powered only by the energy of the sun.

Adelaide Trailer Hire has been hiring car trailers, flat bed trailers and utes to participants for the past 8 years, and we pride ourselves on offering great service and a huge amount of flexibility so that participants can get their solar vehicles where they need to be.

The journey that World Solar Challenge participants take on is amazing – they travel 3,000km from Darwin to Adelaide and can come from over 30 countries.

Participants are students who, with their support teams, have engineered and built a vehicle to conquer the Australian landscape.

We welcome enquiries from any participants and are committed to working with you to move your solar vehicle around the country. We are happy to hear about any special requirements you have and will do our best to ensure that we can meet them.

We also highly encourage any of our blog readers to attend the official finish line in Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga in October. All the Adelaide Trailer Hire staff have a great time every year seeing participants come across the finish line and we get a kick out of seeing our trailers and utes playing a role.

As a final note, we found an interesting fact on the World Solar Challenge website that readers may enjoy: The Stuart Highway is named after John McDouall Stuart, one of Australia’s most famous inland explorers. It is named in honor of his achievement leading the first successful expedition to traverse the Australian mainland from south to north and return to his starting point in South Australia. He never lost a man, despite the harshness of the country he encountered.




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